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The Team Leadership selects, plans, and leads Team activities, and is the key to having a boy-led team.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart, including the Team Leadership council (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart, including the Team Leadership council (click to zoom)



“The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders, the more they will respond.”
Robert Baden-Powell

Varsity Scouting is "Boy-Led." The youth team leaders, not the adult leaders, are responsible for planning and conducting the team's activities. The Team Coach (and Assistant Team Coaches) provide direction, coaching, and training that empowers the Team Captain with the skills he will need to lead his team. The Team Committee provides resources to help the team leaders.

Some Scoutmasters have struggled with the idea of allowing boys to lead the troop. They wonder whether a boy of 12 can keep a patrol in order or if a 14-year-old senior patrol leaders can organize and manage a successful troop meeting. In the short term it might seem easier for adults to make all of the decisions and direct the action. However when you invest your energy in training boys to run the show, you will find that you can watch with great satisfaction as junior leaders thrive in fulfilling the responsibilities they have been given.
Scoutmaster Handbook p. 12


Through the Team Leadership, squads share the responsibility for the squad's success. They gain confidence by serving in positions of leadership. The Squad Leaders are appointed by the Team Captain to representative the team members at Team Leadership meetings. Each squad is always represented at each monthly Team Leadership meeting. The squad leaders present the ideas and concerns of their Program Managers and team members, and in turn share the decisions of the Team Leadership meetings with their squad members.

Team Leadership members

The Team Leadership is made up of the Team Captain, who presides over the meetings; the Team Cocaptain(s), all Squad Leaders, Team Secretary, and others as determined by the Team Captain. The Team Leadership plans the yearly team program at the annual team program planning conference. The Team Leadership then meets monthly to develop plans for upcoming meetings and activities.

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