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Venturing awards will begin to officially change around the time of the BSA National Annual Meeting, May 21-23, 2014. After that, Venturers may begin using the new awards. The current (soon to be old) awards will be discontinued Dec 31, 2014. Current Venturers, regardless of their current achievement level, should begin with level 2, the Discovery award. New Venturers should begin with level 1, the Venturing award. The awards are divided into four areas, Adventure, Leadership, Service, Personal Growth.

Old Awards

Venturing members must have earned these awards by Dec 31, 2014, at which point they will be discontinued.

Venturing Bronze Awards

Venturing Gold Award
Venturing Silver Award

Expert-level awards:

Sea Scouting
Scouter Awards

New Awards

Venturing members may begin working on these new awards (after they are formally released around the time of the BSA National Annual Meeting, May 21-23, 2014.

  • Level 1 -- Venturing Award The first step in any journey is the courage to begin. At this level, the new crew member makes their commitment to join and move forward into the experience of Venturing.
  • Level 2 -- Discovery Award The adventure of participating with the crew unfolds, and each Venturer begins to discover his or her interests and talents. As the Discovery Award recipients develop new skills and competencies, their eyes are opened and the world expands for them.
  • Level 3 -- Pathfinder Award The Venturer’s capabilities and skills expand and with them come increased responsibility for defining their own way forward in life, service to others and formal planning and leadership of the crew toward its goals.
  • Level 4 -- Summit Award The highest award of Venturing, the Summit Award, goes to those Venturers who have matured in their personal direction, skills, and life competencies, and who have accepted the responsibility to mentor others and serve their communities in a lasting way.
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