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  1. Before fulfilling the following requirements, you must successfully complete the BSA swimmer classification test.
  2. Review how each point of BSA Safety Afloat applies to boardsailing.
  3. Explain precautions for the following environmental factors: dying wind, high wind, offshore winds, currents, waves, and lightning.
  4. Discuss the prevention, recognition, and treatment of the following health concerns that could arise while boardsailing: hypothermia, sunburn, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.
  5. Properly rig and prepare the sailboard you are using. Identify each of the following: uphaul, outhaul, downhaul, cleat, leach, tack, clew, foot, luff, skeg, centerboard, wishbone boom, and universal. Explain luffing. Explain how to steer the sailboard by adjusting the center of effort.
  6. Demonstrate your ability to uphaul the sail, find the neutral position to the wind (sail luffing), and control the board’s position with foot movement.
  7. With supervision from your instructor, sail a course that involves beating, reaching, and running. Change direction by tacking into the wind.

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