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Any registered commissioner who is providing direct unit service is eligible to earn the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service, through unit service and a project that results in improved retention of members and on-time unit recharter, over the course of two consecutive years. If a commissioner who is not registered as a unit commissioner wishes to earn this award, they must work with the district commissioner where the unit(s) is/are registered.


Technical Skills

The commissioner shall consistently demonstrate the following:

  1. The ability to use UVTS 2.0 to log unit visits
  2. The ability to provide UVTS 2.0 visit reports to an ADC or DC


Complete each item below:

A. Performance Goal: Through utilization of the annual unit self-assessment tool, identify a specific goal in a specific unit that would result in higher quality unit performance. The goal should target improvement in at least one of the unit self-assessment target areas.
B. Action Plan: Provide a written plan to achieve the goal identified in item A above. Have the plan approved by the unit leader, with the unit leader’s signature.
C. Results:
  1. Unit self-assessment conducted twice a year for two years
  2. Unit retention: On-time rechartering for two consecutive years
  3. Youth retention: Youth retention percentages must show improvement (See the Journey to Excellence form)


Complete each item below:

  1. Be a participant or staff member in ONE continuing education event for commissioner service. (Participation or staffing in a continuing education event as noted above prior to the start date of this award shall not be applied. Participation or instructing during training sessions as part of regular staff meetings may not be applied.) For example: district, council, area, regional, or national College of Commissioner Science, commissioner conference, Philmont, Sea Base, or Summit training.
  2. The commissioner shall make at least six physical visits to each assigned unit per year. All visits must be logged with UVTS 2.0. Examples: unit meetings, unit activities, leader meetings, and summer camp visitations.
  3. The commissioner shall make at least six significant contacts (in addition to those made in item 2) for each unit served, by telephone, twoway electronic communication, or in person. These contacts must be logged in UVTS 2.0.

Training and Experience

Complete each item below:

  1. Commissioner Basic Training
  2. Provide rechartering service by holding membership inventories, training verification, and Journey to Excellence progress review meetings. Perform charter presentations for the chartered organizations of the units you serve. Unit-specific requirements and performance criteria are founded on the BSA’s Journey to Excellence guidelines. As changes are incorporated, the council commissioner must scope impacts and adjust expectations as required.)

Committee Action

Upon completion, a commissioner shall provide a copy of the requirement form to the district commissioner, who will then convey this document to the council for verification and final approval.

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