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{| align="right"
{| align="right"
||<span class="plainlinks">[[{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}/{{{month_name}}}|action=edit}} Edit]]</span>
||<span class="plainlinks">[[{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}/{{{month_name}}}|action=edit}} edit]]</span>
{| style="background:#f5faff;"
{| style="background:#f5faff;"

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{{{month_name}}} 20{{{year}}} BSA Theme - {{{theme_name}}}

"{{{theme_description}}}" - Program Helps


Character Connection:

Monthly Program Resources:

Belt Loops and Pins:

  • Academics: {{{theme-related_academics}}}
  • Sports: {{{theme-related_sports}}}

Webelos Activity Badges:

  • {{{monthly_Webelos_activity_badges}}}

Theme-related activities:

  • {{{theme-related_activities}}}

<----Note: The direct links to issues of Baloo's Bugle, Program Helps, and Cubcast were erroring out when you are looking at future months because those files are created as needed. Instead we now link to the index for each so that the user can see for themselves what months ARE available. Also if no Character Connection is specified it no longer errors out but goes to the Character COnnections table of contents.
<----Not used:

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