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{{Cub Scout Monthly Theme |year = 08 |month_name = December |month_number = 12 |last_months_number = 11 |theme_name = Holiday Lights |theme_description = The Star of Bethlehem, the Miracle of the Lamp, the Morning Star that enlightened Buddha, the bonfires of Yule: many of our holiday traditions this month involve lights. Share your holiday traditions with your pack and den: lights on a Christmas tree, candles on a Menorah for Chanukah, or on a Kinara for Kwanzaa. Boys can be stars this month by brightening someone's holiday season with a gift of compassion. As a pack or den, visit a nursing home, preschool, or children's ward and sing holiday favorites. End your outing by sharing cookies that the boys decorated. Help those less fortunate with a service project or toy drive. How about a holiday campfire at your pack meeting? This is great month to work on the [[Cub Scout Language and Culture|Language and Culture belt loop and pin[[ or the Heritages belt loop and pin. |theme-related_activities = |theme-related_academics = Cub Scout Language and Culture & Cub Scout Heritages |theme-related_sports = |monthly_Webelos_activity_badges = [[]] }}

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