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Applying this template

Two easy steps:

Step 1. Apply the {{Delete}} template at the top of the actual page you are nominating for deletion.
  • Note: Remember to make use of your edit summary... plainly state you applied the {{Delete}} template.
Step 2. State your request and reasons on the associated talk page. Make sure you apply a level 1 heading (see Help:Editing) titled Request for deletion at the top of your request.
  • Note: Again, make use of your edit summary... plainly state you are nominating the associated article for deletion (and briefly state why).
— If (for some odd reason) you need to nominate a talk page for deletion, simply apply steps 1 & 2 on the talk page itself. (Don't forget your edit summary.)

Removing this template

Once a User has applied this template and requested a page deletion (steps 1 & 2 above), only an administrator may remove the template.


Step 1. At the top of article foo, insert:


Step 2. Over on talk page for article foo, amend (at the bottom) as follows:

==Request for deletion==
I nominate article foo for deletion because it is redundant, not to mention nearly gibberish. ~~~~


Pages tagged with this template are automatically added to Category:Articles nominated for deletion and remain so until the template is removed, or the article is deleted.

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