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  1. Explain fully what kind of recordsand books should be kept for a general purpose and stock farm. Tell which of these are kept on his farm.
  2. Make and submit a poultry and egg production record for one month.
  3. Make out a bill of sale for the the following to Jones Produce Company, Chicago, Illinose.
    160 lbs of Spring Frys at 38 cents
    32 doz eggs at 42 cents
    1 Cockerel for breeding purposes at $5.75
    24 Pullets sold at each $2.50
  4. Make a 7-day milk record for a herd of cows.
  5. Make out a sample of one year's birth record for 3 colts, 27 calves and 15 pigs.
  6. Explain what records are needed in making out an income tax report for his State or Federal Income Tax.

Boy Scout Requirements, ({{{1}}}) Edition The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Handbook for Boys, 1948 Edition

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