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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox MeritBadge Red/doc/doc.
This template may have a sandbox (edit) and testcases for editors to experiment.


Skiing merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: 104
Created: 1938 Original/new/replaced: New in 1938
Discontinued: 1999 Replaced by: Snow Sports


[[Category:Discontinued {{{group}}} merit badges]]

The {{Infobox MeritBadge Red}} Template is to be used on the article page for Merit Badges that are discontinued (i.e. no longer used). The example on the right shows an example of how the template is used and how it displays.

Code for Infobox displayed to the right

|field= Sports
|created= 1938
|discontinued= 1999
|id= 104
|origin= New in 1938
|replaced by=[[Snow Sports]]
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