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<center><big>'''{{PAGENAME}}''' merit badge requirement resources include the [[Media:{{PAGENAME}}.pdf|{{PAGENAME}} merit badge Worksheet]] {{PDF}},<br>{{{4|}}} links, and cross-references to related [[merit badges]] and [[Boy Scout awards]].<br>
<center><big>Resources include the [[Media:{{PAGENAME}}.pdf|{{PAGENAME}} merit badge worksheet]] {{PDF}}, links, and cross-references to related [[merit badges|badges]] and [[awards]].</big>&nbsp;<span style="border: 1px outset Khaki; background:LemonChiffon;">&nbsp;[[{{{1}}}|<small>&#9664;</small>Prev]]&nbsp;</span> - <span style="border: 1px outset #FFB; background: #DFC;">&nbsp;[[{{{2}}}|Next <small>&#9654;</small>]]&nbsp;</span></center><br /><noinclude>[[Category: Merit badge header templates]]</noinclude>
{{{3|}}}</big>&nbsp;<span style="border: 1px outset Khaki; background:LemonChiffon;">&nbsp;[[{{{1}}}|<small></small>Prev]]&nbsp;</span> - <span style="border: 1px outset #FFB; background: #DFC;">&nbsp;[[{{{2}}}|Next<small> </small>]]&nbsp;</span></center><br /><noinclude>[[Category:Merit Badge templates]]</noinclude>

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Resources include the Merit Badge header merit badge worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF, links, and cross-references to related badges and awards.  [[{{{1}}}|Prev]]  -  [[{{{2}}}|Next ]] 

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