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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Nutshell/doc/doc.
This template may have a sandbox (edit) and testcases for editors to experiment.


This infobox template presents a concise summary at the top of MeritBadgeDotOrg policy and guideline pages. It is placed below the title and other infoboxes and above the first paragraph of the main body.


  • {{nutshell|text}}
This page in a nutshell: text

  • {{nutshell|<li>item 1<li>item 2<li>item 3}}
This page in a nutshell:
  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3

  • Template notes

    • Use the nutshell summary to make MeritBadgeDotOrg more inviting to new users
    • Nutshell entries must be brief overviews, with a very high signal to noise ratio
    • Make sure each word in the nutshell carries significant weight — "Make every word tell"
    • Wikilink key words to other policy and guideline pages to create a "nut trail"}}
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