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{{#ifexist:|[[{{{1}}}]]| }}{{#if:|

This template is used to show a short alias for the given page.

This template does NOT create shortcuts; it just displays the shortcut in a standardized format on the desired page. The optional parameter is typically a link to a shortcut. Usage within other templates, with no parameter given, will result in no output. (Hence, the very reason the Shortcut box on this page does not have a shortcut listed, because there is no shortcut to this page. But, since the template's code resides within this page, the shortcut box displays here, too... just as it should.)


Step 1: Determine the desired shortcut is not already in use. E.g., Enter BSA in the search box (to the left) and select Go, not Search.
Step 2: Create a REDIRECT page and place the following text therein:
#REDIRECT [[PageName]]— Where the PageName is the name of the page that you want the Shortcut to automatically go.

For example, MB:MB is a shortcut page that redirects to MeritBadgeDotOrg:Merit Badges, the actual page where the desired information resides.


  • Shortcuts must be, well, short.
  • Shortcuts must be easy to remember.

End results:

  • One, if somebody types BSA into the search box, they're automatically sent to the Boy Scouts of America page via the REDIRECT.
  • Two, the shortcut is displayed on the

I know this seems like a long way to get from here to there; but, that's how the wiki works.

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