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<center><big>[[MeritBadge.Org]] offers resource and video links for [[First-Aid Skills|First Aid]], [[Swimming Skills|Swimming]], <br>[[Outdoor Skills]], [[Backpacking Skills|Backpacking]], [[Cooking Skills|Cooking]], [[Navigation]], [[Cycling Skills|Cycling]], and [[Wilderness Survival Skills]].</big></center><noinclude>[[Category:Skills]]</noinclude>
<center><big>[[MeritBadge.Org]] offers resource and video links for [[Backpacking Skills|Backpacking]], [[Campfire Building]], [[Cooking Skills|Cooking]],<br />[[Cycling Skills|Cycling]], [[First-Aid Skills|First Aid]], [[Navigation]], [[Outdoor Skills]], [[Swimming Skills|Swimming]], and [[Wilderness Survival Skills]].</big></center><includeonly>[[Category:Skills]]</includeonly>

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MeritBadge.Org offers resource and video links for Backpacking, Campfire Building, Cooking,
Cycling, First Aid, Navigation, Outdoor Skills, Swimming, and Wilderness Survival Skills.
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