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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Template redirect/doc/doc.
This template may have a sandbox (edit) and testcases for editors to experiment.


Usage: {{template redirect}} or {{template redirect|parameter}}

Parameter value Usage Category
deprecated For any redirects to deprecated templates Category:Redirects to deprecated templates
license For all license tags Category:Redirects to license tags
copyvio For any redirect that results in a speedy deletion tag (i.e. prohibited licenses) Category:License redirects to speedy deletion
subst Redirects that should be substituted like the template itself Category:Redirects to templates that should be substituted
i18n Redirects from templates with non-english names, like {{Contra}} to {{Oppose}} Category:Redirects from translated template names

The main category is Category:Template redirects (added by default). Category:Protected template redirects may also added automatically if the page is fully protected.

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