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How to add a signature for someone who did not sign their message

1. Click the "history" tab at the top of the "talk" (discussion) page to see who made the last edit(s) and when they were made. You can review the differences from here, too.
2. Then, edit the "talk" (discussion) page applying {{Unsigned}} (described herein).


This template is applied to Unsigned comments on talk pages; it is placed immediately following a user's unsigned comment(s).


Template substitution is required when applying this template.

Copy and paste



Username – enter the Username of who left the comment (from edit history).
Date – enter the date from the time/date-stamp (from edit history)... e.g., Jan 1, 2010 –or– if you prefer, it may be spelled out: January 1, 2010. In either case, please, always format the date as shown herein.

Also, entering the Time (from the edit history) just before the Date is possible; but, there is no need to worry about it on this wiki. It is merely mentioned for reference.


Typing: {{subst:Unsigned|Optimist|Jun 1, 2005}} will yield:

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Optimist (talkcontribs) Jun 1, 2005

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