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This template is applied to Unsigned comments on talk pages; it is placed immediately following a user's unsigned comment(s).


Template substitution is required when applying this template.

Copy and paste



Username – enter the Username of who left the comment (from edit history).
Date – enter the date from the time/date-stamp (from edit history)... e.g., Jan 1, 2010 –or– if you prefer, it may be spelled out: January 1, 2010. In either case, please, always format the date as shown herein.

Also, entering the Time (from the edit history) just before the Date is possible; but, there is no need to worry about it on this wiki. It is merely mentioned for reference.


Typing: {{subst:Unsigned|Optimist|Jun 1, 2005}} will yield:

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Optimist (talkcontribs) Jun 1, 2005

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