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Welcome to MeritBadgeDotOrg! We're glad to see you are interested in discussing an article. However, discussion (a.k.a., talk) pages, such as this one... ([[{{{1}}}]]), are for discussions related to improving the article itself; and, they are not for questions/discussions pertaining to subject of the article. Such questions/discussions would be better suited on a bulletin board, discussion forum, etc. Please take a look at the welcome, policy and help pages to learn more about editing/contributing. (You should remove this Notice, once you've read it.)
Also, –and this is very important– you are certainly invited to take your question/discussion over to MeritBadge.Net and bring it up there, where it would not only be more appropriate; but also a great place to have you Scouting-related questions answered. Thank you. {{{2}}}


This template must always be:

This template may be applied by an Administrator or Contributor.

This template should only be removed by the User.


  • var1 equals the referenced talk page
  • var2 equals the Sysop's sig


User pages tagged with this template are automatically added to Category:Warnings.



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