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Citizenship in the Community
(Sample advanced Infobox)

Field of study: Personal development
Advancement ID: 002
Created: 1952
Status: Active
Effective date of the
current requirements
(shown on this page):
1 January, 2005
Previous requirements: 1 January, 1995
Latest phamplet: 2005
Click here for help with any of these terms, or "Which requirements should I use?"

Sorry about this. I was sort of attempting to make a standard infobox for Merit Badges, but I'm kind of failing.Epmatsw 16:59, June 17, 2007 (EDT)


Okay, Swim4lyfe, Epmatsw, et al...

  • Let me know what you think that could make this better. (I know you can.)
  • The Status could be: Active, Discontinued, or Renamed (from, not to)
    • The difference is (well, used to be), you couldn't earn the same Merit Badge NUMBER(!) twice, regardless of it's name, or revision date, or whatever. If a Merit Badge is re-written -and- the number changes, you could earn them both. However, if the numbers were different, you could earn them both. E.g., Atomic Energy was re-written and renamed to Nuclear Science; but, the number (BSA Advancement ID) remained the same... In such instances, you could only earn one of the two, but not both. This used to be a problem; but, with all the Merit Badge changes over the last few years, it's no longer an issue. (I might have gotten this backwards; but, you get the idea.) --RWSmith (Sysop), 06:27, September 6, 2007 (EDT)
I can clarify that- you cannot earn the same merit badge number- only merit badges of different numbers, including Atomic Energy/Nuclear Science and Firemanship/Fire Safety. However, discontinued merit badges with different numbers may still be earned. Also- merit badges that were pre-1987 (I think) and do not have assigned numbers may also be earned, regardless of reason of discontinuation ("Textile" and "Textiles" can both be earned as seperate merit badges, even though the only difference is the dropping of the 's'). Swim4lyfe 19:52, September 6, 2007 (EDT)
That's good information to know. I seem to recall hearing that somewhere before. Even so, I'd like to get a reference, because... Let's just keep in mind that anything we put on the wiki, particularly in the Main namespace, must be verifiable. --RWSmith (Sysop), 00:51, September 7, 2007 (EDT)
Mmm it was on a USScouts page... I can't find the link right now; lemme find something official. Swim4lyfe 21:45, September 7, 2007 (EDT)
No luck- but I got this: http://www.scouters.us/homemb.html and this: http://www.scouting.org/factsheets/02-500.html Anything else you'd like? Swim4lyfe 21:45, September 7, 2007 (EDT)


Will be automatically included in the silver template (only), so we won't have to worry about it. --RWSmith (Sysop), 06:40, September 6, 2007 (EDT)

Blank fields

I was hoping we could add parser functions so we could blank out (completely hide) unused fields, which would be great for discontinued Merit Badges, or new Merit Badges, or renamed... yada, yada. --RWSmith (Sysop), 06:27, September 6, 2007 (EDT)

What are parser functions? Swim4lyfe 19:54, September 6, 2007 (EDT)
I apologize for not linking that earlier; I forgot. Here it is: Wikipedia:Parser function, and here: Help:ParserFunctions --RWSmith (Sysop), 00:51, September 7, 2007 (EDT)
That looks a little too complicated for me... Sorry; I'm more of a writer than a coder. Thanks for the link though; I'll see what I can do.
Any progress on adding the parser functions? Scouterdennis 21:41, March 23, 2008 (EDT)

Previous requirements

Clicking on the link will take the user to a subpage where the previous requirements can be located. --RWSmith (Sysop), 06:35, September 6, 2007 (EDT)

The help link

Will take the User to a help page that explains the terms and when/how to use which set of requirements. --RWSmith (Sysop), 06:35, September 6, 2007 (EDT)

More ideas???

List Of Merit Badges (By Field Of Study)

Animal Science, Farm Mechanics
Arts and Crafts 
Art, Basketry, Bugling, Leatherwork, Metalwork, Music, Pottery, Sculpture, Wood Carving
Business and Industry 
American Business, Entrepreneurship, Pulp and Paper, Salesmanship, Textile
Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Soil and Water Conservation
Backpacking, Camping, Coin Collecting, Collections, Cooking, Dog Care, Gardening, Hiking, Home Repairs, Indian Lore, Model Design and Building, Pets, Pioneering, Radio, Rowing, Stamp Collecting
Natural Science 
Archaeology, Astronomy, Bird Study, Geology, Insect Study, Mammal Study, Nature, Oceanography, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Weather
Cinematography, Journalism, Photography, Theater
Personal Development 
American Cultures, American Heritage, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Disabilities Awareness, Family Life, Genealogy, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Public Speaking, Reading, Scholarship, Traffic Safety, Wilderness Survival
Physical Science 
Chemistry, Computers, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Nuclear Science (Formerly Atomic Energy), Space Exploration
Architecture, Dentistry, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Law, Medicine, Surveying, Veterinary Medicine
Public Service 
Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Lifesaving, Public Health, Safety
Archery, Athletics, Canoeing, Climbing, Cycling, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Golf, Horsemanship, Motorboating, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Skating, Small-Boat Sailing, Snow Sports, Sports, Swimming, Water Sports, Whitewater
American Labor, Auto Mechanics, Composite Materials, Drafting, Graphic Arts, Painting, Plumbing, Woodwork
Aviation, Railroading, Truck Transportation

I made a categorization as well before you posted this... Want to look at it? Swim4lyfe 21:47, September 7, 2007 (EDT)
Sure. --RWSmith (Sysop), 20:04, September 19, 2007 (EDT)
See also the page on Work Sheet for Building a Merit Badge Counselor List. I don't know how different they are, since I haven't really looked yet. —ScouterSig 09:45, October 2, 2007 (EDT)
Stripped out the all-caps and put double brackets around the Merit Badges. What to do with it now? Scouterdennis 10:49, March 13, 2008 (EDT)
The only difference between this list and the one at Work Sheet for Building a Merit Badge Counselor List is that Theater is listed under Arts and Crafts instead of Communications. Scouterdennis 10:58, March 13, 2008 (EDT)
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