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Trained patch

This patch is worn underneath the position of responsibility
patch by youth and adults who have completed appropriate training.
Either color may be chosen by anyone, as available.
The red is the older style, the green is the newer style.
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Level:Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing, Scouters

For youth Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts, the Trained patch is earned by completing NYLT training. Venturers may wear this patch under their position of responsibility by completing Crew Officers Orientation and Personal Safety Awareness training.

For adults, the trained patch (also known as the "New Leader Training" patch) is earned by completing Youth Protection training then some additional training, most of which can be completed online at


Online Training

After completing Youth Protection training at, printing out the certificate of completion, then registering, a leader should return to and enter their Scouting ID, then complete the following three modules for their position:

  • Before the First Meeting
  • First 30 Days
  • Position Trained

Physical Training in lieu of online training

The Building Blocks of New Leader Training
Youth Protection Training
Prior to submitting Application
Capstone for Pack Trainers, Scoutmasters, and Chartered Org Reps Image:TrainedPatchSmall_cent.jpg
After completion a leader is Trained
Before the First Meeting Taken Immediately First 30 Days Completed as soon as possible Position Trained Taken when familiar with position

Sometimes, physical classroom training can be used if desired or if online training isn't an option (such as in places without internet access). The codes, such as C40, refer to official Boy Scout training numbers). All of these training classes can instead be taken online for a specific position by completing Before the First Meeting, First 30 Days, and Position Trained, at

  • Cubmaster/Asst. -- C40 Cubmaster & Asst. Position Specific Training
  • Den Leader/Asst. -- C42 Cub Scout Den Leader & Asst. Position Specific Training
  • Pack Committee -- C60 Pack Committee Challenge
  • Pack Trainer -- C60 Pack Committee Challenge
  • Scoutmaster/Asst./11-year -- S24 Scoutmaster Specific Training
  • Merit Badge Counselor -- D76 Merit Badge Counselor Orientation Training
  • Troop Committee -- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge
  • Varsity Coach/Asst. -- V21 Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training
  • Team Committee -- WS11 Team Committee Challenge
  • Venturing Crew Advisor/Assoc. -- P21 Venturing Leader Specific Training
  • Crew Committee -- WS12 Crew Committee Specific Training
  • Sea Scout leader (Skipper/Mate/Chairperson) -- P44 Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training
  • Council Commissioner -- D17 DC/ADC Commissioner Basic Training
  • District Commissioner/Asst. -- D18 DC/ADC Commissioner Basic Training
  • Roundtable Commissioner/Asst. -- D19 Roundtable Commissioner Training Basic
  • Unit Commissioner -- D20 Unit Commissioner Basic Training

The last bit required

Having completed those modules, most leaders will then be trained for their position, with the exception of the following positions which need the listed training classes:

  • Chartered Organization Representative -- D72 Training the Chartered Org Rep
  • Pack Trainer -- D70 Fundamentals of Training
  • Scoutmaster/Asst./11-year/Varsity Coach -- S11 Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills

At this point, a leader may wear the Trained patch with the appropriate Position of Responsibility patch.

Again, all BSA-registered volunteers must also complete Youth Protection Training.

Additional training

There are many more training opportunities available. For instance, Wood Badge, National Camping School, etc.

See also

Official Scouting Trained Leader Requirements document

Online or classroom Leader Training

Youth Protection training (YPT) is required for all BSA registered volunteers and must be retaken every two years. Some councils and units may require more frequent (e.g., annual) retaking of YPT). Check with your local council and unit to find out what their policies are.

In addition to YPT, registered adults should complete the following courses online at

  • Before the First Meeting
  • First 30 Days
  • Position Trained

Other training opportunities: RoundtableUniversity of ScoutingThe Trainer's EDGEpow wow

Outdoor Leader Training

In addition to fulfilling other requirements, some unit leaders need outdoor-specific training.

Other outdoor-related links

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