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User 12makoto
AOL Image:Arrow_of_Light_knot.jpg‎ This user earned the Arrow of Light.

This user earned the Youth Religious Award.
This User is a third-generation Eagle Scout.
SA Image:Venturing_Silver_Award_knot.jpg‎ This user earned the Silver Award.
This user is a Brotherhood member of the
Order of the Arrow.
  • I received the Arrow of Light with Pack 303 in Elizabethtown, KY.
  • I obtained the Ad Altare Dei Youth Religious Award.
  • I was elected into Ordeal and went on to Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow through Talligewi Lodge #62.
  • I achieved Eagle Scout with Troop 233 in Elizabethtown, KY.
    • I am the 1st of the 3rd generation of Eagles in our family and the 6th out of 8 so far. And the other 2 boys in our current generation are still on the trail.
  • I earned the Venturing Silver Award as well as the Ranger Award while in Crew 913 of Louisville, KY.

I joined on 9 November, 2007 to stop some vandalism by this user

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