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Sea Scout Advanced Leadership Training
William D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Award (x2) Scouters Training Award
James E. West Fellowship Award Youth Religious Award Webelos Arror of Light

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I love Scouting. Since I've become a Scoutmaster, I've used this site as a resource for planning, guiding scouts, and general reference. I'm now trying to make a contribution with what I know (or can research).

Scouting Background


I began my Scouting adventure when I turned 8, and became a wolf (we didn't have Tiger Cubs yet). Always eager to go further than anyone I knew, I made it my goal (and achieved it) to earn 10 arrow points for both Wolf and Bear and complete the Arrow of Light Award.

I then became a Boy Scout in Troop 93 where I spent much of my time earning merit badges, and rising to the Life Rank.

At age 14, I became a Varsity Scout and earned my Eagle Scout at age 14. It took me another three years to finish my goal of three palms, due to my activity in other programs.

I became an active arrowman, and sealed my bond of brotherhood, in Apatukwe Lodge #107. When my council merged, I became a charter member of Te'Kening Lodge #37. In that lodge, I served as both a chapter chief and lodge vice chief. I also served as Section NE-2A Training Chair for two years.

I joined Sea Scouts as soon as I turned 14, and stayed in Ship 3 the whole time. I attended SEAL Training (NE-1) my first summer in the program, where I truly had a life-changing experience. I earned the Quartermaster Award, and attended national events such as flying aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and Top Gun (a tour of Washington DC and surrounding areas).

At 17, my scouting career as a youth effectively ended when I went to college 1900 miles away from home, but always felt a connection with the program.


My adult experience in scouting started shortly after I turned 21. For about a year I was an International Representative for my council. Since then I have served as a Scoutmaster for two troops (really only one, though, since there was a merger). Since becoming a scoutmaster, I've seen 3 young men become Eagles with many more on the way.

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