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This user is a Life Scout
This user is a Life Scout


Hey, I'm an Air Force brat from Orlando, Florida. I currently reside in a small town near Washington, DC. I have been in Boy (and Cub) Scouting for eight years, in 4 different states. Currently, I am a 12-year old Life Scout working on my Eagle, which I hope to achieve before I am 14.

Scouting Achievments

  • This user is a Life Scout
  • This user is a member of Troop 1577, chartered to Trinity Presbyterian Church in herndon, VA
  • This user resides in the National Capital Area Council
  • This user resides in the Powahatan District
  • This user is a Den Chief for Pack 1169
  • This user has undergone Leadership Training
  • This user is a Trainer for new scouts in his Troop
  • This User is a Patrol Leader

Other Hobbies

  • Podcasting
  • Classic Lit.
  • Fantasy Lit.
  • Latin
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web page design
  • Writing
  • Surfing the Web
  • Contributing to Wikis
  • Posting on forums
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