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This user is a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.

This user can be
contacted by email.


Ranks Earned

This user earned the Scout Rank.

Rank Works

This user is working on the Tenderfoot Rank.

Merit Badges

This user is working on the Chess merit badge.
This user is working on the Aviation merit badge.
This user is working on the Geocaching merit badge.


This user has earned the World Crest.


I am part of the Monkey Patrol in troop 413 under the Sequoia Council. I have been there scene January 30th, 2011. And I plan to be a scoutmaster there when I get old enough.

I patrol recent changes sometimes. If I find something inappropriate, it is reported. I am not an official recent changes patroler, but I do so.

I am NOT the same person as "Pokemaster" and "Pokemaster22" That was my BROTHER. Please do not delete this, RWsmith.

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