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Brian Kay Walker K9BWK WB9SA Trustee, & web master - Co-Chair - Chief Technologist, Crew 272 Advisory, Troop 272 Assistant Scoutmaster, 2009 Hamvention ARRL Scout Chairperson, 2010 Jamboree IEEE Technical Director Electronics and Electricity Merit Badges, Eagle Scout, OA member, Wilderness First Aid instructor, 2009 Red Cross Instructor of the Year - Montgomery Co. Chapter...

My goal is to change the way Scouting works... Introducing to Scouting... create DVD and Moodle learning modules for all the merit badges... bring Multimedia to Scouts, dump PPT's, create a community after the Scout leaves the meeting.

Space Jam is a growing event that targets bringing Scouts (we are going after all Scouts, Boy and Girl, and even inviting 4-H (SET Science, Engineering and Technology) to the mix... we need more Scientists, Engineers and Technologists to keep (get back) the USA lead, we can't all consume and not make anything...

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