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District Award of Merit Silver Beaver
Commissioner Key Award Distinguished Commissioner Award Cubmaster Award
Tiger Den Leader Award Unit Leader Award of Merit - Cubmaster Webelos Den Leader Award
God and Country Eagle Scout/Lifetime NESA Member Arrow of Light

I have been involved in Scouting for most of my life. I began as a Tiger Cub Scout and my mother was my Den leader and my father my Cubmaster. As an adult, I have served in various Council, District and local capacities and currently I am my son's Webelos Den Leader, Council Webmaster and Communications Adviser for our Lodge.

After being a user for many months, I joined in February 2009 and have enjoy contributing to this site in an effort to repay others for the benefits that I have received.

—Lekhiket Nolemiwi Aptonagan

My son is a
Webelos Scout.
This user is a
Webelos Den Leader.
This user is a Sysop for the MeritBadgeDotOrg website.
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