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*[[Weather Hazards]]
*[[Weather Hazards]]
*[[Trek Safely]]
*[[Trek Safely]]
[ BSA Online Learning Center]
'''[[Varsity Scout youth training]]'''
'''[[Varsity Scout youth training]]'''

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  • Current Scoutmaster (Troop 336) and Venturing Advisor (Crew 228), the district OA ceremony team. OA Vigil member.
  • Past Varsity Team Coach (Team 336).

On list

Categorize PDFs

Youth Positions of Responsibility

Team Committee

Varsity Scout uniform insignia

Varsity Scout adult training

Basic Leader Training for Coaches

BSA Online Learning Center

Varsity Scout youth training

Nature of Leadership

Varsity Scout leader recognition awards

Unit Awards

Varsity Scout Advancement and Varsity Scout Program


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