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  • Current Scoutmaster (Troop 336) and Venturing Advisor (Crew 228), the district OA ceremony team. OA Vigil member.
  • Past Varsity Team Coach (Team 336).

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Youth Positions of Responsibility

Team Committee

Varsity Scout uniform insignia

Varsity Scout adult training

Basic Leader Training for Coaches

Varsity Scout youth training

Nature of Leadership

Varsity Scout leader recognition awards

Unit Awards

Varsity Scout Advancement and Varsity Scout Program


A Comparison
Sea Scout ship Venturing crew Varsity Scout team Boy Scout troop
Sea Scout Venturer Varsity Scout Boy Scout
Ship committee Crew committee Team committee Troop committee
Skipper Advisor Team coach Scoutmaster
Mate Associate advisor Assistant coach Assistant scoutmaster
Petty officers Crew officers Team leadership Patrol leader's council
Quarterdeck Training Crew Officer's Briefing Team Leaders' Training Seminar Troop Leadership Training
Boatswain President Captain Senior patrol leader
Boatswain's mate Vice-president Cocaptain Assistant senior patrol leader
Yeoman Secretary Team secretary Scribe
Purser Treasurer (Team secretary) (Scribe)
Crew quartermaster Equipment manager Quartermaster
Crew guide Troop guide
Fleet Association Venturing Forum Varsity Huddle Roundtable
Squadron Council Council Council
Flotilla Area Area Area
Fleet Region Region Region
Coach's Corner Scoutmaster Minute
Squad Patrol
Experience Areas Areas of Emphasis
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