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{{pp-template|small=yes}}{{template doc}}</noinclude>
{{pp-template|small=yes}}{{template doc}}</noinclude>
<div id="Chat">
| [[Image:Mbwikilogo2.gif]]
| Welcome to MeritBadgeDotOrg! We are glad to see you are interested in discussing a topic. However, as a general rule, ''talk'' pages, such as ''[[Talk:Cooking]]'', are for discussions related to '''improving the article'''; talk pages are not the place for asking questions about the topic, e.g., chat pads, bulletin boards, discussion forums, etc. Please refrain from doing this in the future. You can take a look at our [[Welcome newcomers|welcome page]] to learn more about contributing to this Wiki. Also, &ndash;'''and this is ''very'' important'''&ndash; you are certainly invited to take your discussion over to [http://www.MeritBadge.Net MeritBadge.Net] and bring it up there, where it would not only be appropriate, but any questions you may have can almost certainly be answered there. Thank you. --'''''[[User:RWSmith|RWSmith]]''''' 04:58, July 1, 2007 (EDT)

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This page contains draft templates (that I am working on for the wiki) or personal templates (that are intended for my use).

  • Please do not modify my personal templates without leaving an explaination on the talk page; that way, I'll understand what you did.
  • Please do not move my draft tamplates over Template Namespace; I'll do that when they're ready.

You are welcome to help me makeke these templates work (better); just let me know why.



This article is an opinion. Opinion pages found on MeritBadgeDotOrg reflect the opinions of the author only – not the Boy Scouts of America; not MeritBadgeDotOrg. Currently, creation of opinion pages on MeritBadgeDotOrg are restricted to Administrators... this may change in the future. If you want to discuss this opinion, please do so on the corresponding talk page. Note: Opinion pages may not be incorporated into other articles.


Image:B-scout.jpg This article (or section) is a stub. You can help MeritBadgeDotOrg by expanding it.

This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Stubs.


Source: Boy Scout Requirements ({{{1}}}), No. 33215 Boy Scout Requirements ({{{1}}}), No. 33215

Source: Boy Scout Requirements ({{{1}}}), No. 33215

({{{1}}} KiB)

Source: Boy Scouts Requirements


Source: Boy Scout Requirements ({{{1}}}), No. 33215


Variable {{{1}}} equals the year of publication. This template will also categorize articles that include it into [[:Category:BSR {{{1}}}]].

{{WP help pages (header bar)}}

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About this template

The above navigation bar provides easier access to Wikipedia's help pages and help resources.

See also: Template:WP nav pages (header bar)


Image:☑.svg Resolved{{#if: -|{{{1}}}}}


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