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As a youth, I was involved in Boy Scouts and like many I have met, dropped out as a Life Scout and never went after Eagle. Today, I count that as one of the few big mistakes I made growing up. A few years ago, I married a woman whose son was in Cub Scouts. She was his den mother but I help out quite a bit. When he became a Webelos II, I really took notice that there was not a Boy Scout troop in our area. So many youth from the Pack either had to travel a fair distance to stay in scouting or they just dropped out. After a few telephone calls, it was decided to start a troop in our town. I decided to become the Scoutmaster and the troop was started in March of 2006. This year my stepson decided to drop out of scouting, but I continued to work with the troop. Fortunately, he is now reconsidering his choice and may come back. His decision was entirely based on the “not cool” factor of his friends. I have talked with him about my commitment to the troop, the enjoyment that I received from scouting and why I was staying. I hope that he decides to come back.


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