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I am an Eagle Scout, Sept. 1978. I am Scoutmaster of BSA 777 located in Hudson, OH. I have 19 Eagle Scouts to my credit (so far). Besides being Scoutmaster, I currently serve as the Great Trail Council High Adventure Chairman, District Roundtable Commisioner, Outdoor Committee Member, Dean - Boy Scout College, University of Scouting and will be the NYLT Scoutmaster for GTC next year.

I have a seven year old Bear cub living in my main tent... My bride to be (7/7/7) lives in the main tent too... You can find me at Philmont, in the wilderness or working in a school district.

Feel free to write - scoutmaster 777 -at- adelphia -Dot- net. no spaces and make the appropriate substitutions...

--Sm777 22:28, June 24, 2007 (EDT)

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