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Currently working on:

Completed Userboxes

Venturing Userbox:

SA Image:Venturing_Silver_Award_knot.jpg‎ This user earned the Silver Award.

Arrow of Light Userbox:

AOL Image:Arrow_of_Light_knot.jpg‎ This user earned the Arrow of Light.

Varsity Scout Userbox:

VS Image:Varsity scout strip.png This user was a Varsity Scout.

Quartermaster Award Userbox:

QA Image:Knotquartermaster.jpg‎ This user earned the Quartermaster Award.

James E. West Fellowship Award Userbox:

Image:James_E._West_Fellowship_Award_Knot.jpg‎ This user earned the James E. West Fellowship Award.

Medal of Merit Userbox:

Image:Knotmerit.jpg‎ This user earned a Medal of Merit.

Medal of Heroism Userbox:

Image:Knotheroism.jpg‎ This user earned a Medal of Heroism.

Medal of Honor Userbox:

Image:Knothonor.jpg‎ This user earned an Honor Medal.
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