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Thanks for all your efforts in the Varsity... really. Great job! Drop me an e-mail, at your conveience, please. Thanks, again. --RWSmith 10:47, April 19, 2007 (EDT)

Varsity emblem information moved

Hi Missylou2who,

Thanks for all your hard work. The BSA 'V' emblem* information has been moved to the Awards page. The Varsity emblem was moved because it is not a rank. Despite what may appear on other web sites, BSA policy specificly states that "the Boy Scout requirements shall be the basis for Varsity Scout advancement."

--Optimist 22:38, April 20, 2007 (EDT)

Venturing advancement

Missy, do you think we should make a page called Venturing advancement and put the Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards and requirements there? —ScouterSig 11:49, October 23, 2007 (EDT)

typo fixed

Thanks for alerting us to the typo - that is exactly the way it should be done. The requirement pages are locked to prevent anyone from changing them, either maliciously or inadvertently. The sysops scan recent changes frequently, so if you put an alert anywhere, it will be noticed. Scouterdennis 10:28, October 23, 2008 (EDT)

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