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Hello, welcome to my talk page!

Feel free to add your comments by pressing the plus sign on the tabs above. I do endorse free form comments, because they add individuality to your comments and help prevent generic formatting. However, I do ask a few things: please create a title heading in the text bar above the big box that you type your voice into; please, please, please insert your signature and timestamp (~~~~)into your addition so that I may be able to respond appropriately; and lastly, please check the preview of your addition's format and make sure that it appears like you want it to.

I will respond to your comments that you make on my page under the same comment heading as your contribution, only one full line down and with an indention, formatted as a :. Insert a : before your comment and at the beginning of each paragraph and all will be organized

In order to keep conversations flowing, I would ask that responses to subjects be confined to the single heading. I will use this same format on my comments that I make on your page, but I will not require that you respond the same way as I do. THANKS!!!

--Stranger 18:43, June 14, 2007 (EDT)

To Start Off...

I am looking for good merit badges to do. If anyone finds something that they thought was really interesting to work on, if you would let me know that, it would be great.--Stranger 23:11, December 15, 2007 (EST)

MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Arrow of Light (Youth)

Hello. I have been standardizing and creating some Userboxes and have updated one you created, {{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Arrow of Light (Youth)}}, but I used all of your code so it looks exactly the same. However, on your userpage, you reference {{User Arrow of Life (Youth)}} so now it doesn't display correctly. You should update the code on from Life to Light. Let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck with your advancement in Scouting. Thanks, Scouterdennis 09:22, March 29, 2008 (EDT)

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