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Hello, welcome to my talk page!

Feel free to add your comments by pressing the plus sign on the tabs above. I do endorse free form comments, because they add individuality to your comments and help prevent generic formatting. However, I do ask a few things: please create a title heading in the text bar above the big box that you type your voice into; please, please, please insert your signature and timestamp (~~~~)into your addition so that I may be able to respond appropriately; and lastly, please check the preview of your addition's format and make sure that it appears like you want it to.

I will respond to your comments that you make on my page under the same comment heading as your contribution, only one full line down and with an indention, formatted as a :. Insert a : before your comment and at the beginning of each paragraph and all will be organized

In order to keep conversations flowing, I would ask that responses to subjects be confined to the single heading. I will use this same format on my comments that I make on your page, but I will not require that you respond the same way as I do. THANKS!!!

--Stranger 18:43, June 14, 2007 (EDT)

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