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Hello. I have begun standardizing and creating some Userboxes and have updated the ones you use, and I would recommend that you change your user page from:
{{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User BSA}}
{{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Star}}
{{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Arrow of Light (Youth)}}
{{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Youth Religious Award}}{{MeritBadgeDotOrg:Userboxes/User Ordeal 2|Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge #145}}


{{User BSA}}
{{User Star}}
{{User Arrow of Light (Youth)}}
{{User Youth Religious Award}}
{{User Ordeal 2|Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge #145}}

before they are all moved them to the main namespace and deleted from the MeritBadgeDotOrg namespace. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Scouterdennis 13:32, March 29, 2008 (EDT)

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