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Advancement Policies
Advancement (Report) Boy Scouts (Resources) Service Projects
Rules and Regulations First Class-First Year Eagle Scout Project
 What is Scout Spirit?  Scoutmaster Conferences Lifesaving awards
When is a Scout Active? Time Extensions Summer Camp
When is a Scout in Uniform? Boards of Review - Appeals Merit Badges, Events & FAQ
Scouts with Special Needs Advancement Campout  Cub Scouts  (Resources)
Religious Principle Courts of Honor
Books & References  12 Steps From Life to Eagle  Venturing & Sea Scouts  
Click here for Many more Advancement Policies

Also see: Varsity Scouting
for program information

Any young man from 14 to 18 years old may participate in this program for older Boy Scouts. Varisity Scouting offers five program fields of emphasis: Advancement, High Adventure, Personal Developement, Service, and Special Programs and Events. Each of these programs is led by a member of the team called a program manager, who receives assistance from a member of the team committee.

Position of responsibility requirements for Star and Life ranks may be met by a Varsity Scout serving as a team captain, cocaptain, program manager, squad leader, or other leadership roles assigned by the Coach. The acceptable positions of responsibility for the Eagle Scout rank are listed on the Eagle Scout Rank Application.

The Varsity Scout Coach will conduct a Coach conference. (See "Scoutmaster Conferences". p. 25.)

As the Varsity Scout meets the requirements for each rank, a board of review is conducted by the team committee member responsible for advancement, the advancement program manager, and the Varsity Scout Coach for all ranks except Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout board of review follows the procedure established by the local council.

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