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Varsity Scout Letter has been discontinued.
In May 2017, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS church, or Mormons) announced that in 2018 they would no longer be sponsoring Varsity Teams. Since the LDS church created the Varsity program in 1984 and were basically the only group using it, Varsity has since been discontinued. Medals/awards/patches will continue to be available to earn until they are no longer available in a local or national Scout shop. (See Discontinued awards.)

This article is about the Emblem for Varsity Scouts.
For the 'V' emblem awarded to Boy Scouts in a Venture patrol see Venture Patrol Letter.
Varsity Scout Letter

The letter is attached at the bottom front corner of the merit badge sash.
The letter may be worn on the right breast of a the blaze (orange) nylon Varsity Scout Jacket.
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A Varsity Scout letter may be earned by Varsity Scouts and adult team leaders in a who participate in an ultimate adventure based on a high-adventure or sports feature.

Varsity Scout strip

The Varsity Scout program is a stand-alone unit within a chartered organization. Youth members of a Varsity Scout Team are boys 14 to 17 years old organized in squads. The Varsity Scout's youth leader is the team Captain. The Varsity Scout letter is administered by the Varsity Team Coach.


Varsity Scout Letter requirements

Varsity Scout letter

Varsity Scout Letter with Letter bars and activity pins on the bottom-front of a Boy Scout sash.
Varsity Scout Letter with Letter bars and activity pins on the bottom-front of a Boy Scout sash.

The Varsity Scout letter is awarded to team members who participate in an "ultimate adventure." Ultimate adventures are based on high-adventure or sports program features and are preceded by training or practice sessions. High-adventure/sports activities occur every three to six months, but teams participate in a "big event" (an extended experience such as a BSA high-adventure base) once a year. The "V" emblem may be placed on the bottom-front of a Boy Scout sash, or on a blaze (orange) Varsity Scout jacket, a Boy Scout Shirt-jac, or a sweater.

Varsity Scout letter bar

Main article: Varsity Scout Letter Bar

Varsity Scouts earn the letter at the conclusion of the first ultimate adventure, and receive another letter (a Varsity Scout letter bar that pins to the letter emblem) for each adventure completed thereafter.

Varsity Scout activity pins

Main article: Varsity Scout Activity Pins

In addition to the Varsity Scout letter or letter bar, team members may be optionally awarded one of 27 Varsity Scout Activity Pins to the letter emblem. The team captain (youth leader) sets the requirements and awards the activity pins. Activities are planned by the youth High-adventure/Sports program manager; possible activities may be other than the 27 program features. Activities outside of the program features are not awarded activity pins.

Both youth and adult team members may earn the letter.

Youth requirements

Varsity Scout Letter with Letter bars and activity pins on blaze (orange) Varsity Scout jacket.
Varsity Scout Letter with Letter bars and activity pins on blaze (orange) Varsity Scout jacket.
  1. Be a registered Varsity Scout team member.
  2. While a team member, actively participate in or accomplish at least one high-adventure/sports program to the satisfaction of the Varsity Scout Coach.
  3. Have an attendance record at team meetings and activities of at least 75 percent for three consecutive months.
  4. Satisfy the Varsity Scout Coach that you know and live by the Scout Oath and Law.

Adult requirements

  1. Complete Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start training and Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals training (approved by training committee).
  2. Attend at least six Varsity Huddles (Roundtables).
  3. Complete a minimum of six months as a registered Varsity Scout leader.

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Varsity Scout Handbook, 2000 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #N/A)

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Help with these requirements

Youth scorecards

Print, trim and fold scorecard for a youth team member to retain in his possession, and keep track of his award requirements and progress:

Adult scorecards

Print, trim and fold scorecard for an adult team member to retain, and keep track of award requirements and progress:

A related adult scorecard is the Varsity Scout Leader Progress for the Coach's Key and the Varisty Scout Leader Training Award:

Advancement records

Program surveys

Annual planning

Event and ultimate adventure planning

Team meetings

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