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[[Category:Youth positions]]
[[Category:Youth positions]]

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Serving as Vice President - Administration can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirementss for Star, Life, and Eagle.

Crew First Vice
President - Administration
Selected by:Youth crew members
Reports to:Crew President

The Crew First Vice President - Administration serves as administrative officer of the crew, he or she is elected by the youth members, and leads recruiting and manages recognition of crew members.

Typical Venturing crew organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Venturing crew organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

The administrative vice president is elected by the youth members and is the administrative officer of the crew. The two key responsibilities of this position are: 1) leading the recruiting efforts for new crew members, and 2) managing the recognition of members.

This vice president ensures that prospective members are invited to the crew's open house, and encourages members to bring friends. He or she follows up with members who seem to be loosing interest, and addresses these issues at crew officer's meeting and during the planning of program activities. The administrative vice president is responsible for recognizing members and making them feel a part of the crew, and honoring crew members who win scholarships, win awards, or gain achievements in or out of Venturing. He or she may conduct the opening and closing ceremonies at crew meetings.

The adult Associate Advisor for administration assists the administrative vice presidents in his or her duties.

Reports to


  • Serves as the administrative officer of the crew.
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the crew president in his or her absence.
  • Lead the recruiting and admission of new members during the year.
  • Organizes and recognizes the achievements of crew members.
  • Maintains crew advancement chart and review individual progress at each meeting.
  • Conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled.
  • Attends all crew activities.
  • Participates in the council [Teem Leader's Council]] (TLC) program planning conference.
  • Sets an example by following the rules of the crew.
  • Wear the uniform appropriate to the Venturing crew.
  • Learn and live by the Venturing Oath and the Venturing Code.
  • Approaches Venturing in the spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the recruiting of new members and through recognizing the achievements of crew members.

As a Crew Officer:

  • Foster and develop an environment within the crew that has a true sense of community, that encourages growth and responsibility to one another.
  • Work in a spirit of partnership with the Crew Advisor.
  • Assist in developing a program of activities for the crew help carry them out.
  • Uphold the standards and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Ensure that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements.
  • Cultivate the capacity to enjoy life - have fun and explore while leading.


The Vice President - Administration is the second-highest youth leader in its unit. Other second youth leaders are:

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