Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It

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Resources include the Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF, links, and cross-references to related awards.  Prev  -  Next  

Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It

Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It
Level:Webelos Scout

Cub Scout Adventures were designed to be as dynamic and relevant to today’s youth and families as possible by focusing on the following program objectives– the aims of Scouting and two strong Scouting methods: character development, participatory citizenship, personal fitness, outdoor skills and awareness. Once a Cub Scout has completed the six core adventures including one duty to God adventure, and one of his or his den’s choosing he will have earned his badge of rank. In addition to the adventures required for rank advancement, there are additional elective adventures that members of the den may earn.


Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It requirements

Complete Requirements 1-4.

  1. Put a Fix It Toolbox together. Describe what each item in your toolbox can be used for. Show how to use three of the tools safely.
  2. Be ready. With the help of an adult in your family, do the following:
    a. Locate the electrical panel in your home. Determine if the electrical panel has fuses or breakers.
    b. Determine what heat source is used to heat your home.
    c. Learn what you would do to shut off the water for a sink, a toilet, a washing machine, or a water heater. If there is a main shut-off valve for your home, show where it is located.
  3. Describe to your Webelos den leader how to fix or make safe the following circumstances with help from an adult:
    a. A toilet is overflowing.
    b. The kitchen sink is clogged.
    c. A circuit breaker tripped, causing some of the lights to go out.
  4. Let’s Fix It. Select and do eight of the following. You will need an adult’s supervision for each of these Fix It projects:
    a. Show how to change a light bulb in a lamp or fixture. Determine the type of light bulb and how to properly dispose of it.
    b. Fix a squeaky door or cabinet hinge.
    c. Tighten a loose handle or knob on a cabinet or a piece of furniture.
    d. Demonstrate how to stop a toilet from running.
    e. Replace a furnace filter.
    f. Wash a car.
    g. Check the oil level and tire pressure in a car.
    h. Show how to replace a bulb in a taillight, turn signal, or parking light, or replace a headlight in a car.
    i. Help an adult change a tire on a car.
    j. Make a repair to a bicycle, such as adjusting or lubricating the chain, inflating the tire, fixing a flat, or adjusting the seat or handlebars.
    k. Replace the wheels on a skateboard, a scooter, or a pair of inline skates.
    l. Help an adult prepare and paint a room.
    m. Help an adult replace or repair a wall or floor tile.
    n. Help an adult install or repair a window or door lock.
    o. Help an adult fix a slow or clogged sink drain.
    p. Help an adult install or repair a mailbox.
    q. Change the battery in a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector, and test its operation.
    r. Help an adult fix a leaky faucet.
    s. Find wall studs, and help an adult hang a curtain rod or a picture.
    t. Take an old item, such as a small piece of furniture, a broken toy, or a picture frame, and rebuild and/or refinish it. Show your work to your Webelos leader or another adult.
    u. Do a Fix It project agreed upon with your parent or guardian.

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Each adventure is designed to take approximately two den meetings to implement. For some adventures, one of the meetings may be an outing, ranging from attending a sporting event as a den, to taking a hike, to visiting a museum or going on a campout. At the conclusion of each adventure, a recognition device (a metal belt loop with the image of the award on it) is awarded.

Worksheet A FREE workbook for Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It is available here! (It.pdf PDF or It.docx Word) with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need! Or click here to print just the Webelos-AoL Elective Adventure: Fix It requirements. usscouts.org has PDF and Word versions of workbooks for Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges, Cub Scouting ranks and adventures, and STEM Nova awards.

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