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The Webelos to Scout Transition is designed to help Scouts move from Webelos Scouts to Boy Scouts seamlessly. The goal of the Webelos to Scout transition should be more than getting a Webelos to join a Troop, but helping A Webleos to find the right Troop.


Journey to Excellence

For both Packs and Troops in Scouting's Journey to Excellence program, a Webelos-to-Scout transition plan is required. With a troop, the Pack should hold two joint activities, one of which is a parent orientation and camp promotion meeting.

Transition Tips for Webelos Den Leaders

  • Webelos Den Leaders should complete proper training
  • Webelos leaders should develop relationships with Scoutmasters of local Troops
  • Webelos Scouts should have the opportunity to try all Activity Badges
  • Webelos Scouts should transition as soon as possible after completing the Arrow of Light

Transition Tips for Cub Scout Packs

  • Packs should align camping equipment list with list of local Troops to minimize financial burdens on families
  • Packs should work with local Troops to provide Boy Scouts to help with events like campouts, recruitment nights, etc.
  • Packs should encourage den leaders to use a Den Chief

Transition Tips for Boy Scout Troops

  • Troops should include Cubmasters and Webelos Den Leaders in communications
  • Attend Roundtables to meet Cubmasters and exchange contact information

External Resources

Scouting.org http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/ImprovedWebelosTransition.aspx

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