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Award requirements

These awards are presented for distinguished service in natural resource conversation for units, Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters. Boy Scouts may earn the Hornaday Badge or the Hornaday Bronze or Silver Medal.

William T. Hornaday Badge

1. Earn First Class rank.
2. Plan, lead, and carry out at least one project from one of the categories listed (below).
3. Complete the requirements for any three of the merit badges listed in bold (below). In addition, complete any two of the others listed.

William T. Hornaday Bronze or Silver Medal

1. Earn First Class rank.
2. For the Bronze Medal: Plan, lead, and carry out three projects from three seperate categories listed (below). For the Silver Medal: Plan, lead, and carry out four projects from four seperate categories listed.
3. Earn the Environmental Science merit badge. For the Bronze Medal: Earn at least three more merit badges listed in bold plus any two others listed (below). For the Silver Medal: Earn all six merit badges in bold and any three more.

Project categories

  • Energy conservation
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Fish and wildlife management
  • Forestry and range management
  • Air and water pollution control
  • Resource recovery (recycling)
  • Hazardous material disposal and management
  • Invasive species control

Merit badges

  • Energy
  • Environmental Science
  • Fish and Wildlife Management
  • Forestry
  • Public Health
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Bird Study
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Geology
  • Insect Study
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mammal Study
  • Nature
  • Nuclear Science
  • Oceanography
  • Plant Science
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Reptile and Amphibian Study
  • Weather

Source: 2007 Boy Scout Requirements (33215)


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