World Conservation Award (Cub Scouting)

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This is the World Conservation Aaward for Cub Scouts
Venturers and Sea Scouts can earn the World Conservation Award (Venturer-Sea Scout) and Scouts can earn the World Conservation Award (Scouts BSA)
Cub Scout
World Conservation Award

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Level:Wolf Scouts, Bear Scouts, Webelos Scouts

This World Conservation Award can be earned only once while you are in Cub Scouting (i.e. as either a Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scout; but not by Lion Scouts or Tiger Scouts).


World Conservation Award (Cub Scouting) requirements

Wolf Scout

Bear Scout

Webelos Scout (including youth working on the Arrow of Light rank)

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  • The World Conservation Award is worn on the uniform shirt, centered on the right pocket as a temporary patch. It does not replace the World Crest on the uniform.

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