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Categories and colors

Article message boxes are divided into various categories. Each category has a corresponding color code. The color-coding helps to inform of the nature of the issues at a glance.

Code Name Description Example Templates
#bba Protection Page is locked against edits {{protected}}
#b22222 Deletion proposed deletion {{delete}}
#f28500 Content Problems with the content of an article, i.e., what the article actually says {{expand}}, {{expand2}}, {{copypaste}}, {{stub}}, {{uncategorized}}, {{unreferenced}}
#f4c430 Style Problems not with the content, but how it is formatted/presented {{cleanup}}, {{wikify}}
#1e90ff Notice Information readers/editors should be aware of {{info}}, {{Otheruses}}, {{Current}}, {{GFDL content}}
#9932cc Move Merge and split proposals {{merge}}

The choice of color is partly inspired by the ANSI standard safety "Signal Words" and their corresponding colors: Danger (Red), Warning (Orange), Caution (Yellow), and Notice (Blue).

Most Article message boxes have a background color of #fbfbfb (slightly off white), which is intended to contrast slightly with the full white (#ffffff) used for articles, while still being easy to read.

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