Chaplain Aide (Sea Scouting)

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Serving as Chaplain Aide (Sea Scouting) can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Boy Scout Star, Life, and Eagle ranks.
Chaplain Aide (Sea Scouting)
Selected by:Boatswain
Reports to:Boatswain's Mate - Program

The Chaplain Aide (Sea Scouting) works with the ship chaplain to meet the religious needs of Sea Scouts in the ship. He or she also works to promote the religious emblems program.


  • Encourage ship members to do their duty to God.
  • Participate in planning sessions with the ship’s officers to ensure that a spiritual component is included in ship activities.
  • With the ship chaplain, plan appropriate religious services. Invite the ship chaplain to visit a ship activity, eat with ship members, and conduct a worship service.
  • Help plan and conduct an annual religious observance, preferably during Scout Week in February.
  • Present an overview of the various religious emblems programs to the ship at least annually.
  • Maintain the ship's religious emblems award progress chart.
  • Assist the ship chaplain, or other appropriate adult, to plan and conduct a religious emblem recognition ceremony.

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