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Scout Cheers, Scout Songs, and Scout Skits are a great way to involve everyone in a meeting or campfire.

Cub Scout Cheers Adobe Acrobat PDF - All of these Cheers on One Page!


Tips for Great Scout Cheers

  1. Keep them short and fun.
  2. Never have a cheer that could hurt someone's feelings.
  3. Do not use cheers to actually belittle.
  4. Use cue cards and scripts if you need to. Rehearse until everyone is comfortable and has memorized their parts.
  5. Speak loudly and clearly.
  6. Avoid gross, vulgar, or un-Scout-Like topics or content.
  7. Keep your program fast paced and get everyone involved!


Almost: With hands far apart, bring them rapidly together but miss just before meeting each other.

Archery: Shoot arrow and shout "BULLS EYE."

Avon Lady Cheer: "Dinnnnng! Donnnng!"

Baseball Cheer: "Back, Back, Back, It's out of here! Homerun!"

Bee Cheer: "Bzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz, OUCH!"

Beehive Cheer: Buzz gets louder or softer when leader's hand is high or low.

Bear Cheer: "Grrrrrr!"

Big Hand: Leader says, "let's give them a big hand" everybody holds up one hand, palm out.

Blastoff: "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLASTOFF!"

Canned Cheer: Leader opens and closes imaginary can, to start and stop cheering.

Canned Laughter: Leader opens and closes imaginary can, to start and stop laughter.

Cat cheer: "MeeeeOOOOW!!!"

Clam: Fold hands together, interlocking fingers. Make noise by pressing palms together.

Class A: Clap in this rhythm: 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4...(pause)..One big clap.

Cow Cheer: "MOOOOO!!!"

Cowboy Cheer: Twirl lasso. Yell: "Yeeee Haaaw!!!"

Coyote Cheer: ""YIP, YIP, YIPEEEE!!!!!"!!!"

Doctor's Cheer: Open up, tongs out, everyone say "Aaaaaah!"

Dog Cheer: "Woof, woof, woof!"

Drum Roll: Pat knees soft then loud, then one last pat.

Duck Call: Make a duck call by making a circle with thumb & index finger. Blow like a trumpet.

Easy Duck Call: Make a duck call as above but instead yell, "Here duck! Here duck!"

Dynamite: Light fuse, "Sssssssssssssss, BOOM!"

Eskimo: Hold your shoulders, shiver, say "Brrrr."

Ferris Wheel: Like Round of Applause but also say "Ooooh" on the way up, "Aaaah" on the way down.

Fireworks Cheer: Look up at the ceiling and say "OOOOOH!" "AHHHHH!"

Food Cheer: "Yuuuummm!"

Football: Signal a touchdown and yell "Touchdown!"

Fred Flintstone Cheer: "Yabba-dabba-doo".

Frog Cheer: Crouch down. Jump Up."Ribbit! Ribbit!"

Ghost, fast: "Boo!"

Ghost, scary: Stand, hands up: "Whooooooooo."

Good Turn: Stand, clap as you turn in one full circle.

Homerun cheer: "Back…Back…Back…HOMERUN!

Ice cube cheer: "COOOOOOOOOL!"

Jet flying: "ZOOOOOM"

Jet flying backwards: "MOOOOOZ!"

Ketchup Bottle Cheer: Hold bottle in one hand and slap with other hand to get ketchup out.

Magician's Cheer: "Taaa Daaa!"

Mosquito Cheer: Slap face, neck, shoulders, etc.

One hand cheer: Leader: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Everyone claps one hand.

Photographer's cheer: Pretend to take their picture. "Everyone smile. Say Cheeese!"

Pig Cheer: Suueeee, Pig! Pig! Pig!

Politician's Cheer: Pat yourself on the back.

Popcorn Cheer: "Pop! . . . Pop! . . Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!"

Relay Clap: First person claps second person's hand and then relay it on through all of the Cubs.

Roller Coaster Cheer: Hold onto bar, tip back, say "Click,click, click, click, click, WHEEEEEE!"

Round of Applause: While clapping hands, move them around in a circle in front of you.

Seal of Approval: Put your arms straight out together. Clap flippers and say "Ort, Ort, Ort"

Silent Yell: Everyone stands and open their mouths and screams without making any sound.

Six Shooter Cheer: Point imaginary gun in air and say "BANG!" six times.

Supersonic Cheer: Wave arms; pretend to cheer. Sit down wait a moment, then make sounds.

Surgeon's Cheer: Right Side of room: "Scalpel!" Left Side: "Sponge!" Back: "Oops!" Go faster & faster.

Theater Cheer: "Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

Thunderstorm Cheer: Pat knees soft them loud, then yell "Booom"

Tiger call: Quietly: "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."

Tony the Tiger cheer: "They're Greeeeeat!"

Water Sprinkler: Move outstretched arm in a circle: "Choo, Choo, Choo, etc." Swing back "Whee!"

Watermelon: Hold a big slice in both hands, suck up from one end to the other, spit out the seeds.

Wave: As done at sports, stand, raise hand and cheer then sit as a wave around the room.

Wave of applause: Lie Wave but clap on your turn.

Wolf Cheer: Wolf howl: "Wooooooooooooooooooo!"

Official Books from

  • Superior Campfires - contains skits, cheers, introductions, riddles and Scouting legends.
  • More...Scout Skits - 75 more campfire skits, plus cheers, introductions, riddles and Scouting legends

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