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Consumer Buying merit badge has been discontinued. (See discontinued merit badges.)

Consumer Buying merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: 37
Created: 1975 Origin: new in 1975
Discontinued: 1995 Replaced by: none


Consumer Buying merit badge requirements at discontinuation

1. Pick something (costing $50 or more) that you would like to buy. Find out these things about three different brands of the thing you picked: price of each brand from two sources, guarantee, service, availability, quality, and one other important thing. Tell which you would buy. Why? Tell what your rights and responsibilities are in buying this. Tell the rights and responsibilities of the "seller".
2. Do TWO of the following:
(a) Visit the manager of a grocery or drugstore. With his help, select three different products. Make a chart that answers the following questions for each:
(1) How many different brands does the store have?
(2) How many different sizes, weights, or amounts does the store have?
(3) What is the best buy?
(4) Does it come in more than one kind of package?
(5) What promotional devices are used?
(6) Which has the best label? Why?
(b) Make a collection of different kinds of advertising from magazines and newspapers. List which ads are:
(1) the most helpful
(2) the least helpful
(3) misleading
Write a new ad for the one you think is the least helpful or misleading so it tells what the consumer needs to know.
(c) Visit with five people outside your family. Find out what information they would like on a lable. Tell what you learn.
(d) Make up a food list for your patrol for three meals on an overnight trip. List what brands and sizes you would buy. List prices and number of servings. Explain the reason for the things you picked.
3. Check into how to buy a used car. Make a report on:
(a) Where you go got information
(b) The best time to buy
(c) Differences in price compared to a new car.
(d) Risks you take when you buy
(e) Three different types of credit institutions where money can be borrowed to buy it. Tell difference in costs.
(f) Guarantees and service arrangements offered.
(g) Differences in costs of operating various models.
4.Tell about three laws on a national, state or local level to protect the consumer. Why were these laws needed? What changes have come about from these laws?
5. List two groups of people that help the consumer in your community. Tell:
(a) The purpose of each group and what each group's activities are.
(b) How they help the consumer
(c) How they are financed
Talk with two persons who have contact with each of the two groups. Find out how they feel the groups helps the consumer. Report on what you find out.
6. Describe three special problems consumers and merchants have in low-income areas. Explain what is being dome to solve these problems.
7. Describe the consumer services of a company or industry that has a new program to help its consumers. What would make the program more effective?
8. Do ONE of the following:
(a) Select a consumer issue tgat is being talked about in your town. Make a collection of newspaper or magazine stories about the issue. Tell about the various sides of the problem. Tell how this affects your family.
(b) Study newspaper or magazine for planned consumer laws. Report on:
(1) The good and bad points
(2) How it might affewct you as a consumer
(3) How would you ask your legislator to vote on it and why.
Write a letter to your newspaper or legislator to tell your views on the bill.

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