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A Venturing Crew Consultant is an adult who provides expertise to a crew's program. Consultants may or may not be a member of the Crew Committee.



Consultants are adults who are recruited (often by the crew committee), on a one-time basis. They may be members of the chartered organization, parents, or other adults in the community who are found through the program capability inventory (PCI).

Position description

A consultant is a person whose special skill or talent is needed for a crew's activity or project; he or she frequently work with an Activity Chair, such as planning the details of an activity. Many adults can serve as consultants to a crew. Some are unable to serve as crew leaders, but most are willing and flattered to serve as an expert consultant for a Venturing activity.


  • Provides expertise to the crew's program.
  • Assists the crew's activity committees in planning activities.

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Source: Venturing Leader Manual (34655E), 2006 printing, pg. 25.
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