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Teaching EDGE is a general method for helping others learn and applies to youth and adults.
The Trainer's EDGE is a training course for help trainers, especially training staff for Wood Badge and NYLT, improve their training skills.
Leading EDGE applies the EDGE method to leadership during different stages of team development. This is taught during NYLT.

The Teaching EDGE is a method for helping others learn. The letters of EDGE stand for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable.

The steps for the Teaching EDGE are:

  1. Explain how it is done.
  2. Demonstrate the steps.
  3. Guide learners as they practice.
  4. Enable them to succeed on their own.

Pages 38-39 in the 13th and 14th editions of the Scouts BSA Handbook describe the Teaching EDGE method in more detail.

Related awards

  • Scout rank requirement #8: "Describe the steps in Scouting’s Teaching EDGE method. Use the Teaching EDGE method to teach another person how to tie the square knot."
  • Life rank requirement #6: "... use the Teaching EDGE method to teach another Scout (preferably younger than you) the skills from ONE of the following choices ..."
  • Chess merit badge requirement #3: "... using Scouting’s Teaching EDGE*, teach someone (preferably another Scout) who does not know how to play chess: ..."
  • Geocaching merit badge requirement #4: "... using Scouting’s Teaching EDGE, demonstrate the use of a GPS unit to your counselor. ..."

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