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User rights

Right Description
read allows viewing pages (when set to false, override for specific pages with $wgWhitelistRead).
edit allows editing unprotected pages.
createpage allows the creation of new pages (requires the edit right).
createtalk allows the creation of new talk pages (requires the edit right).
move allows renaming the titles of unprotected pages.
createaccount allows the creation of new user accounts.
upload allows the creation of new images and files.
reupload allows overwriting existing images and files.
reupload-shared allows replacing images and files from a shared repository (if one is set up) with local files.
upload_by_url allows uploading by entering the URL of an external image.
delete allows the deletion of pages.
bigdelete allows deletion of pages with larger than $wgDeleteRevisionsLimit revisions
deletedhistory allows viewing deleted revisions, but not restoring.
undelete allows the undeletion of pages.
protect allows locking a page to prevent edits and moves, and editing or moving locked pages.
block allows the blocking of IP addresses, CIDR ranges, and registered users. Block options include preventing editing and registering new accounts, and autoblocking other users on the same IP address.
blockemail allows preventing use of the Special:Emailuser interface when blocking.
hideuser allows hiding the user/IP from the block log, active block list, and user list when blocking. (not available by default)
userrights allows the use of the user rights interface, which allows the assignment or removal of all* groups to any user.
* With $wgAddGroups and $wgRemoveGroups you can set the possibility to add/remove certain groups instead of all.
userrights-interwiki allows changing user rights on other wikis.
rollback allows one-click reversion of edits.
markbotedits allows rollback to be marked as bot edits (see m:Help:Administration#Rollback).
patrol allows marking edits as legitimate ($wgUseRCPatrol must be true).
editinterface allows editing the MediaWiki namespace, which contains interface messages.
editusercssjs allows editing user's own monobook.css, monobook.js, ... subpages.
siteadmin allows locking and unlocking the database (which blocks all interactions with the web site except viewing). Deprecated by default.
import allows user to import one page per time from another wiki ("transwiki").
importupload allows user to import several pages per time from XML files. This right was called 'importraw' in and before version 1.5.
trackback allows removal of trackbacks (if $wgUseTrackbacks is true).
unwatchedpages allows access to Special:Unwatchedpages, which lists pages that no user has watchlisted.
bot hides edits from recent changes lists and watchlists by default (can optionally be viewed).
purge allows purging a page without a confirmation step (URL parameter "&action=purge").
minoredit allows marking an edit as 'minor'.
nominornewtalk blocks new message notification when making minor edits to user talk pages (requires minor edit right).
ipblock-exempt makes user immune to blocks applied to his IP address or a range (CIDR) containing it.
proxyunbannable makes user immune to the open proxy blocker, which is disabled by default ($wgBlockOpenProxies).
autopatrol automatically marks all edits by the user as patrolled ($wgUseRCPatrol must be true).
apihighlimits allows user to use higher limits for API queries
suppressredirect Allows moving a page without automatically creating a redirect.
autoconfirmed used for the 'autoconfirmed' group.
emailconfirmed used for the 'emailconfirmed' group.

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