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This is the layout to be used for the Category:Cub Scout Adventure articles. Please use the Talk Page to discuss any suggestions for additions or changes to this article format. The sample text in the gray Copy and Paste text box below is used to start a new Cub Scout Academic and Sports Award page. Please help keep them in this format and help us add links to related requirements for other awards and outside resources.

Answers, answer keys, cheat sheets, or links to them will be removed.


Main article

Infobox CubScoutAdventure

{{Otheruses}} if applicable

{{Cub Scout Adventures introduction}}


{{CSA Notes}}
Requirement resources
{{CSA Requirement resources}}
Related achievements, electives, or other awards
See also
{{CSA See also}}
External links
{{Cub Scout Adventures navbox}}


The content of the protected {{reqs}} subpage should follow this example:


===Adventure requirements===
Complete these three requirements:
# text
#:a. indented text
#:b. indented text
#* bulleted list within numbered list
#* bulleted list within numbered list
# text


Copy and Paste

Although all articles have been started, the following code may be used as a guideline for bringing existing articles into line with the established standards.

{{Adventure header|||}}
{{Infobox Tiger Adventure
{{Infobox Wolf Adventure
{{Infobox Bear Adventure
{{Infobox Webelos Adventure
|name= {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image = {{subst:PAGENAME}}.png
|caption = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
{{Cub Scout Adventures introduction}}

<!-- ------------------------------------------------------ -->
<!--  The text of the Requirements is on a locked subpage.  --> 
<!--  Please offer comments or corrections                  -->
<!--  under the Discussion tab at the top of this page.     --> 
<!-- ------------------------------------------------------ -->

== Notes ==
<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- Add general notes here, such as the link to the worksheet. --> 
<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------- -->
{{CSA Notes}}

== Requirement resources ==
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- -->
<!--   Answers, cheatsheets, and answer keys will be removed.    -->
<!--   Add links as guidance for specific requirements such as:  -->
<!--   * [[Internal Link]] or [external link] description        -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- -->
{{CSA Requirement resources}}

== Related achievements, electives, or other awards ==
<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------- -->
<!--  Note similarities with other award requirements here such as:  -->
<!--  * [[other award]] requirement ##                               --> 
<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------- -->

For example:
===[[Wolf Cub Scout]]===
*Adventure X could be partially met by/while completing NOVA activity Y...

===[[Bear Cub Scout]]===
*Achievement X could be partially met by/while completing Outdoor Ethics Awareness...

== See also ==
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->
<!--  Note similarities with other articles here such as:  -->
<!--  * [[other article]]                                  -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->
{{CSA See also}}

== External links ==
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<!--  use this format:  * [ description]  -->
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{{Cub Scout Adventures navbox}}


All articles are automatically categorized through the use of templates:

Any manual categorization of these article should be based on topic, for example:

  • [[Category:Scoutcraft]], etc.

Cub Scout Adventures Navigation

Cub Scout Adventures
Lion Adventures (stickers)
Required: Animal KindgomFun on the RunKing of the JungleLion's HonorMountain Lion
Optional: Build It Up, Knock It DownGizmos and GadgetsI'll Do It MyselfOn Your MarkPick My PathReady, Set, GrowRumble in the Jungle
Tiger Adventure Loops
Required: My Tiger JungleGames Tigers PlayTiger Circles: Duty to GodTeam TigerTiger BitesTigers in the Wild
Elective: Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries Earning Your Stripes Family Stories Floats and Boats Good Knights Rolling Tigers Sky is the Limit Stories in Shapes Tiger-iffic! Tiger: Safe and Smart Tiger Tag Tiger Tales Tiger Theater
Wolf Adventure Loops
Required: Call of the WildCouncil Fire (Duty to Country)Duty to God FootstepsHowling at the Moon Paws on the Path Running with the Pack
Elective: Adventures in Coins Air of the Wolf Code of the Wolf Collections and Hobbies Cubs Who Care Digging in the Past Finding Your Way Germs Alive! Grow Something Hometown Heroes Motor Away Paws of Skill Spirit of the Water
Bear Adventure Loops
Required: Bear ClawsBear NecessitiesFellowship and Duty to GodFur, Feathers, and Ferns Baloo the BuilderPaws for Action (Duty to Country)
Elective: Grin and Bear It A Bear Goes Fishing Bear Picnic Basket Beat of the Drum Critter Care Forensics Make It Move Marble Madness Roaring Laughter Robotics Salmon Run Super Science A World of Sound
Webelos/Arrow of Light Adventure Pins
Webelos required: Cast Iron Chef Duty to God and You First Responder Stronger Webelos Walkabout
Webelos/AOL elective: Adventures in ScienceAquanautArt ExplosionAware and CareBuild ItBuild My Own HeroCastawayEarth Rocks!EngineerFix ItGame DesignInto the WildInto the WoodsLooking Back, Looking ForwardMaestro!MoviemakingProject FamilySportsman
AOL required: Building a Better World Duty to God in Action Outdoorsman Scouting Adventure
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